#QuoteoftheDay: “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness”

It’s important to never give into your fear and miss on opportunities. Opportunity to stand up for what you believe in, opportunity to do what is right, opportunity to be yourself. Our Quote of the Day Think like a QUEEN. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. – Oprah … Continue reading #QuoteoftheDay: “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness”

#QuoteoftheDay: United for Success

UNITY, the sense of community, are often considered to be of little importance. However, we are never as successful as when we are united. In our community, let’s be leaders of change, let’s inspire others to be the best they can be. For the success of our society, for their own success, and for our … Continue reading #QuoteoftheDay: United for Success

How I would teach my son to honour and value women

I would explain to my son that women are equal professionals. They are doctors and nurses who heal body at the hospital and soul at home. They are firefighters who extinguish fires at fire site and soothe flaming tensions and pains at home. They are engineers who design spaceships, conceive earthquake-resistant buildings and infrastructures to withstand quakes and save lives…

Quote of the Day: Build your community, be your community

Today, let’s start the month of March on a note of change by rethinking the importance of community, of people surrounding us. Let’s not take each other for granted and remember that together we can be invincible. Our Quote 0f the Day “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community … Continue reading Quote of the Day: Build your community, be your community

Why Ottawa lovers throw their love down the river

Have you ever been in love and wished this love to never end? Have you ever dreamed of a happily-ever-after? Well you are certainly not alone. From the dawn of time lovers of all ages have always wished their love to be infinite, to transcend time, which explained all the crazy stuff lovers do. In Ottawa … Continue reading Why Ottawa lovers throw their love down the river