Wonder Women: The Parenting Role of Contemporary females

She is a fighter, a ‘warrior’, a mythical character, a ‘goddess’. She is made of love, but she knows pain and she is willing to ‘make sacrifices’. This strong and yet gentle creature has management skills and bear the power of life. She is the ultimate Wonder Woman. She is a contemporary mom.

Millennials and Motherhood: A Total New Venture

Heard about millennials, this innovative and not-so-well-understood group of young people? We are confronting their views on motherhood with the standpoints of older generations of women.

Living in two worlds: How new #tech is shaping human minds

”I think the main issue of technology to humans is that these devices break up limitations.” – Bing Yao In this piece the writer  shares her concern in a genuine text that everyone needs to read and reflect on.