4 reasons Spider-Man: Homecoming is the most diverse superhero movie you have to see

This movie brings a refreshing note of diversity that is worth talking about. Homecoming also stands out by the depth of its narrative, which portrays a rare and realistic portrait of the world. On top of it, it remains a fun movie for the whole family.

Changing of the Guard: Your calling in Ottawa this summer

Have you ever wished to watch the guards parade, enjoy fun military music, and have a good time downtown Ottawa? The Changing of Guard ceremony is your calling this summer. The event offers a great lens into some the works of the Canadian Forces tasks right in the Nation’s Capital, all the while being entertaining and free.

6 Shocking Sociopolitical Messages you’ll Never Believe to Find in Zootopia

Who knew a Disney movie could bear such a deep political and sociocultural dimension? Who knew a movie for kids could be so educational, not only for kids but particularly for adults? Zootopia has proven to be more politically educative than a political lecture, particularly for family discussion.