4 reasons Spider-Man: Homecoming is the most diverse superhero movie you have to see

This movie brings a refreshing note of diversity that is worth talking about. Homecoming also stands out by the depth of its narrative, which portrays a rare and realistic portrait of the world. On top of it, it remains a fun movie for the whole family.

Millennials and Motherhood: A Total New Venture

Heard about millennials, this innovative and not-so-well-understood group of young people? We are confronting their views on motherhood with the standpoints of older generations of women.

Name-Blind Résumé: What happens if ever we meet face to face

This April, the Liberal Government announced a new recruiting pilot project that aims to ‘reduce unconscious bias’ and increase  minority job seekers’ chance to land a job. As a starter, 6 federal departments will take part in the ‘name-blind’ hiring process to test the effectiveness of such process. However, this initiative raises several disturbing questions!

Chasing sunset: At the crossroads between nature and #tech

It was so beautiful! And it stretched out right in front of us, all around us in an ephemeral vision of a dazzling November sunset. Completely out of this world. We all know that it was there for only minutes, maybe seconds.

Universal love and conscience

Let us be guided by our universal conscience, by our love for one another. Let love be the healing process of the world. Let’s value diversity, differences, multiculturalism, and equality for all. And above all, let’s value LOVE for one another despite everything that seems to divide us because we are all from the same … Continue reading Universal love and conscience