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Why Ottawa lovers throw their love down the river

Have you ever been in love and wished this love to never end? Have you ever dreamed of a happily-ever-after? Well you are certainly not alone. From the dawn of time lovers of all ages have always wished their love to be infinite, to transcend time, which explained all the crazy stuff lovers do. In Ottawa and in many other places around the world there has been a crazy love trend going on: the love-locks.

Many know what it feels like to be in love, to be so passionate about someone that you feel like you can fly to space and bring back the moon to the one you love. Many remember this crazy feeling you have when you just fall in love, this desire to prove how BIG and awesome your love is. You surely remember this hope the one you cherish will live with you forever. You feel like you can go miles to preserve this love. And some of us do.

Nobody puts it better than author T. Tolis, “To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything”. – T. Tolis

Lovers’ lock-love – Ottawa’s Corktown Footbridge

Lovers have hoped, looked for the secret, invented recipes for never-ending loves. This is how the Ottawa’s Corktown Footbridge became the Love-Lock Bridge. Inspired by the Love-Lock Bridge in the city of love, Paris, Ottawan couples went by dozen to the bridge to swear their love to each other and seal it forever with a padlock that they affix to the bridge’s rail. Then the keys are dropped in the water as a way to symbolically say now we are forever bound to each other.

VoiceOasis PhotosThis new love trend is inspired by the Paris Bridge of Love Locks now “The Enchanted Footbridge,”after the locks were taken down in Paris according to the New York Times. It seems that the locks were responsible for the collapse of part of the bridge. The Guardian reported that French authorities announced that “The romantic gestures cause long-term heritage degradation and danger to visitors.”

However, lovers have globally adopted this trend in their quest to find a way to seal their love forever. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City (USA), the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, the Forth Road Bridge in Edinburgh City Council (Scotland, UK), the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence (Italy), the city of Fengyuan, Taiwan, Suseong Lake in Daegu (South Korea) or the Butchers’ Bridge in Ljubljana (Slovenia) are just some of the places where lovers go to seal their love with a padlock as listed by Wikipedia.


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Will the loves sealed in the padlocks live as long as the lovers live? Well, this is every lover’s dream.


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