This actress, model, and business woman takes us to the incredible world of hairstyling

1 – Why do you change your hairstyle and how does it make you feel?

When I was working actively in advertising like a professional model, I got the expected look of straight long hair; people really loved it.   This look was so painful to maintain, especially concerning the treatments and when I have to fix my extensions.   Then I decided to open my Image Consultant Business where my goal is to help people to accept their own nature (Afro, Caucasians, Spanish…) and be happy with it. At this point, my little girl was 4 years old and was beginning to suffer bullying for her skin tone and afro hair, so I decided to go natural.

Now I am more authentic, I am who I am, and inspire others to love themselves, to be able to love, respect and accept other kind of beauty. With my natural look people get the opportunity to know me in my real version, so they can appreciate me for who I am and not a fake or dreamed version of me.  With my image I transmit confidence, originality.  I vary my looks, participate in different kind of fashion shows and formal events while I continue to work as a model and an actress.

2 – Do you think women should stick to hairstyles that reflect their culture, ethnic groups or origin?

I think black women supposed to go for hairstyles that match their lifestyle and respect the possibilities of their complexion, eyes color and natural hair color.  Everyone is free to do what they want with their image.  However, the most important is to do everything they want because they want it but not to be part of any kind of group, class or trend or to please someone else.

3 – What’s the importance of hair styles for a woman and a business woman especially in DR?

A hairstyle is very important for a business woman everywhere and specially in DR.  It could reflect revenue, social class and goal in the society.  For black woman in DR, they need to know more about how stylish we can be and I do it with my image.   The afro hair is not really well accepted; it is still a challenge in 2016.

In my particular situation, I am confident with my hair and know how to manage it according to dress code for each moment.


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 To contact Rhodie
Rhodie Lamour, Gerente General 
Asesora de Imagen
Avenida 27 de febrero, 
#337, Evaristo Morales, 
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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