Millennial Phaiede Lafleur voices her opinion on motherhood

Young business woman discusses motherhood

There are just so much words that could describe the roles that mothers play when it comes to their children. Should I focus on how a mother’s love is like no other? Should I write on they way they care and provide for their little ones? Do I mention the way they ensure that their child is healthy and safe? While all those are great and are parts of what it means to be a mother I’ve come to the conclusion that motherhood is about SACRIFICE“, says Phaiede Lafleur.

Phaiede, a first-generation millennial woman (1991-2001), event and wedding planner at PL Event Designs, talks about the meaning of motherhood and the role of mothers.

Rachel Frédérique Bruno shares her view on motherhood

Public Health Professional shares her view on motherhood

Being a mom means love. Children, no matter how old they are, and even if they won’t admit it, always want their parents’ approval and love especially when they think they did something wrong. It is important as a mom to let them know that they are loved no matter what”, says Rachel Frédérique Bruno

This mother talks about the meaning of motherhood from her own experience and through her mom’s eyes.

Millennial Magdalande Pierre discusses motherhood

This millennial computer and accounting professional discusses motherhood

“Motherhood to me means to take the responsibility to care for a being mentally and physically; to teach that being how take care of themselves and become independent. Most all to give them guidance, love, and all the other qualities that they would need to get through life”, says Magdalande Pierre

The young millennial (1991-2001) woman talks about the meaning of motherhood and the importance of responsibility in parenting.

Millennial Ruth Tania discusses motherhood

This young millennial woman discusses motherhood

“I can’t compare my mom’s love. Whatever how many times I have disappointed her, I made her cry she still loves me, takes care of me. And never loses hope on me. She always wanted the best for me. Even after everyone stops believing in me she remains the one on my side”, says Ruth Tania

This young millennial (1991-2001) woman talks about the meaning of motherhood and the importance of a mother in a child’s life.

Millennial Tina Roberts discusses motherhood

This millennial writer and communication professional discusses motherhood

“Motherhood means that someone is more than just a caregiver to someone else, it’s when you love your child and show them all they can be in life. It’s about creating future citizens of the world, so it’s a difficult and complex task”, says Tina Roberts (Pseudonym)

The second-Generation millennial (1991-2001) woman talks about motherhood and what it means for her generation.

Millennial Jayneisha Ivory discusses motherhood

A young millennial woman discusses motherhood

Motherhood is about “making sure you are a role model and a person that your children can look up to in the future, says Jayneisha Ivory.It’s also about taking seriously “your responsibility as a parent”, adds the young woman.

The first-Generation millennial (1981-1991) woman explains how important responsibility is in motherhood and parenting in general.

Millennial Rivka Louis shares her view on motherhood

This young millennial talks about motherhood

“There are some good mothers out there who still know the meaning of motherhood, they might not have money to please us everyday, but they have love in their heart, they are caring and you can tell that if they had the world they would have given it to us”, says Rikva Louis.

Inspired by her mom, this second-generation millennial (1991-2001) woman talks about motherhood as a labor of love.

Millenial Belise Nda shares her meaning of motherhood

This millennial health professional discusses motherhood

“Being a mother in 2017 is very different from being a mother in the 80’s. Most mothers these days work full-time or are full-time students. So, it’s hard to manage, but we are always trying to make it happen.“, says Belise Nda

The first-Generation millennial (1981-1991) mom talks about motherhood and what it means for her generation.

Mimie L. voices her opinion on motherhood

Communications professional discusses motherhood

Mimie, a woman from the decade 1971-1981, brings light to the meaning of motherhood and what it means for women of her generation, and confronts her ideas with millennials’.

“Motherhood is about the positive influence a woman has on each child in her life; it’s about giving love in a way that isn’t fleeting—you love, unwaveringly”, explains Mimie L.