A health professional discusses hairstyles


Well, first of all I believe hair is like a person’s crown the next thing someone sees after they see your face.

It may represent who you are or beliefs like religion if it’s well kept..If it’s wild and crazy…dreaded….permed…bald. There are also many options like weaves, wigs and braids… Black women have such an amazing array of infinite styles they can do and change daily! Of course there are issues with black hair in public especially the work place… Corporate America etc…

1 – Why do you change your hairstyle and how does it make you feel?

I personally have worn many different styles depending on my mood and I welcome the options available to meet my current needs.. My number one choice is head wrapping because it makes me feel regal and really good about myself it’s also a cultural thing and most women in my immediate family wear head wraps… and it’s amazing so many different colors and fabrics to use on my head… my grandmother never missed a day with her beautiful head scarves …

2 – Do you think women should stick to hairstyles that reflect their culture, ethnic groups or origin?

Hairstyle is important if you’re trying to make an impression to someone. But if you know your worth and you don’t care about what people think about your hairstyle, as long as it’s clean and is not offensive to others, then it should be fine; there’s nothing like freedom….. Freedom to choose to wear your hair how you please without judgment from others.

Everyone is making billions over the black hair products filled with chemicals that have been linked to fibroids in black women. Options are available to us so most people are going natural and even that is making some people rich because they’re coming up with all kind of products that supposed to be natural. I like to keep it simple and I’ve never had a problem in the workforce as a nurse. I usually have a coworker asking me for a demonstration on how to wrap their hair… There has been a natural hair movement progression over the past few years, so black women are amazed that they can grow their hair without chemicals… And it’s healthier than ever we have to embrace our ancestry. …

But of course everyone’s experience is different…freedom is important …too many other things going on in the world.

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 Sara’s Info:
Sara Lazare
New York City

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