Brazilian lawyer discusses hairstyles and women freedom

1 – Why do you sometimes change your hairstyle and how does it make you feel?

I do not really change my hairstyle very often because I like a more natural and practical look for my day-to-day activities. So I usually just cut a little left up to the shoulder.

The only change I made was to clear some wires making baby lights, which also left a good natural color since I’m white.

As my day-to-day is well run and busy because I’m a lawyer and a single mom, I do not have much time to take care of my hair. This is why I seek convenience.

2 – Do you think women should stick to hairstyles that reflect their culture, ethnic groups or origin?

In Brazil many women change their look. Generally wires to whiten, and become blonde and straightening. However, I have observed that black women are beginning to accept their visual and leave their hair as they are, naturally, accepting its beauty.

As there is a great ethnic and cultural diversity in Brazil each woman makes changes according to their culture and social group. The truth is that there is no standard of beauty. Each woman is unique and has her own characteristics.

It’s important to say, however, that for the “legal world” where I work is still important to keep our hair neat and stylish to be well-regarded as a professional.


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