This writer and communication professional confers her views on hairstyles

1 – Why do you change your hairstyle and how does it make you feel?

Yes, and actually I just cut my long hair a few months ago for I am tired of long hair which is so difficult to manage. The current short hair makes me feel easy and relaxed, costing me less time and energy to get it organized. I do not change my hairstyle very often; I only change when I consider that it works best for me. Life is hard already; I don’t want the long hair to get in the way adding on difficulty.

2 – Do you think women should stick to hairstyles that reflect their culture, ethnic groups or origin?

Generally I think women can do whatever to their hair and make it whatever style regardless of their culture and identity. However, considering today’s world is so full of one culture and identity, that is, the western way of living and style, I would very much like to see more different hairstyles on women that represent other cultures and identity.


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Bing’s Info:

Bing Yao 
Mississauga, Ontario 

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