When grief can drive creativity in young people

How a 12-year-old boy found solace in making cartoon videos after 
the loss of his dad
I know I’m the new man of the house

When his dad passed away three years ago Bradley who was only 9 at the time was devastated. Just like the rest of the family, his mom and his two sisters.

Learning to grow into manhood without a dad can be very difficult for a boy, especially when this boy’s dad was such a hero with a heart as big as the Earth. Pierre Obed, Bradley’s father was a long-time police officer, a loving dad and husband, and a community guy whose actions have positively impacted thousands.  Many would testify how Obed have touched their lives in a way or another. Besides, his funeral was a living testimony of the person he was when he was alive. I must know something because I can testify that

An angel has lived among us! He was part of our everyday activities; he shared our joy, our pain. He was understanding, he laughed with us and most of all he made us laughed. Many said that the day before he left us forever, he made sure that everyone around him was happy and was laughing. Unfortunately, it’s only after he left and by the greatness of the emptiness that has followed that many understood they were visited by an angel.

Now how do you live up to such a legend? Most of all how do you live up to an angel’s legacy?

It is not easy! Sometimes you may never go over such loss. However, this angel somehow knew how much he would be missed. Therefore, he made sure to leave this message of joy, of laughter, of happiness as life may still go on.

To our sake and to his own sake, Bradley got the message and found a unique and creative way to go forward, to live to his dad’s legend, to be happy and most of all to be there for his family and to make them happy through his video making.

Check out this video Bradley made on his little sister’s birthday.

I know I’m the new man of the house” is Bradley’s new way to cope with his loss while trying on his own childish way to fill in for this loss. Using FlipaClip Bradley realizes every Friday some interesting cartoon clips to express himself, to deal with his feelings, and to communicate with the world. Now this is a positive use of technology I can vouch for.

This blog post is to encourage this 12-year-old boy and to let him know that he is not alone.

For all Bradley’s videos, please visit his YouTube channel: Braddley Pierre and like and comment to help him going on, to show our support, and to help a 12-year-old go through a life without his beloved dad, his hero.