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“I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.”  Maya Angelou

VoiceOasis is about understanding and giving a voice to people.

Our new project VO People’s Quotes is a way of providing  words that can brighten someone’s day or even save someone’s life. We are living in difficult times, but thanks to internet and social media we can stay connected. Let’s use this connection for good, let’s use it to help one another.

Get on board!!! Propose daily amazing quotes and get a chance to have your words or your name featured on our platform. Only one rule though: always give your source if the content is not yours. You can propose quotes in French, and English; we’ll take care of translation.

Remember these grand mother’s proverbs and these moms or teachers’ advice! Remember this beautiful or memorable phrase you crossed on the web or in your favorite book? Now start digging and join #VOpeoplesquotes.

For more info or to participate, visit our Contact Us page.

Some thoughts to start with

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Katia Ulysse Saint Vil

Mom, Political Communication professional, blogger, I am nonetheless just someone who likes to think, dig, analyze things, and share her findings with the world. I am also a true believer in the "better-world" philosophy, so I am trying to do my part towards this end.

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