4 reasons Spider-Man: Homecoming is the most diverse superhero movie you have to see

This movie brings a refreshing note of diversity that is worth talking about. Homecoming also stands out by the depth of its narrative, which portrays a rare and realistic portrait of the world. On top of it, it remains a fun movie for the whole family.

Wonder Women: The Parenting Role of Contemporary females

She is a fighter, a ‘warrior’, a mythical character, a ‘goddess’. She is made of love, but she knows pain and she is willing to ‘make sacrifices’. This strong and yet gentle creature has management skills and bear the power of life. She is the ultimate Wonder Woman. She is a contemporary mom.

Millennials and Motherhood: A Total New Venture

Heard about millennials, this innovative and not-so-well-understood group of young people? We are confronting their views on motherhood with the standpoints of older generations of women.

How I would teach my son to honour and value women

I would explain to my son that women are equal professionals. They are doctors and nurses who heal body at the hospital and soul at home. They are firefighters who extinguish fires at fire site and soothe flaming tensions and pains at home. They are engineers who design spaceships, conceive earthquake-resistant buildings and infrastructures to withstand quakes and save lives…

Chasing sunset: At the crossroads between nature and #tech

It was so beautiful! And it stretched out right in front of us, all around us in an ephemeral vision of a dazzling November sunset. Completely out of this world. We all know that it was there for only minutes, maybe seconds.

Living in two worlds: How new #tech is shaping human minds

”I think the main issue of technology to humans is that these devices break up limitations.” – Bing Yao In this piece the writer  shares her concern in a genuine text that everyone needs to read and reflect on.

The downside of #tech: Are we all becoming cyborg?

I suddenly realized that I became a machine that day. I was number 301 for this is the only thing a human voice said to me as I was waiting for my order…

Could this mean the demise of human relationship? Instead of making machines that serve us, that help us do better and be better, we are becoming machine ourselves.

Mars: “Where no one has gone before”. What’s in it for mankind?

Did you know that humans visiting other planets is almost a reality? Did you know that the sky isn’t the limit anymore? Check out this video released by the company Space X yesterday to convince yourself.

Why Ottawa lovers throw their love down the river

Have you ever been in love and wished this love to never end? Have you ever dreamed of a happily-ever-after? Well you are certainly not alone. From the dawn of time lovers of all ages have always wished their love to be infinite, to transcend time, which explained all the crazy stuff lovers do. In Ottawa … Continue reading Why Ottawa lovers throw their love down the river

Citizen Journalism: When Black Lives Matter and Cellphone Videos Expose Police Brutality

Lately, cellphone videos have been to black Americans a lifebuoy they draw out whenever an encounter with police occurs. The recordings serve not only as proof, but seem to be the torch of a protest carried by a new generation of black Americans who decide to take action against police violence, against discrimination. It’s citizen journalism at its best.

Canada Day 2016: Diversity era?

Yesterday was the 149th Canada Day, which to some extent could be considered as a prelude to Ottawa 2017 that will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Federation throughout the year 2017. Several events and activities were held across the country. And to no surprise diversity was the hot topic at Parliament Hill.

The 2016 Canadian Tulip Festival: Lesson learned for a more culturally diverse nation

It’s crucial for multicultural nations to put diversity at the heart of all their activities. Ottawa as the Nation’s Capital should set such examples for the rest of the country. Here’s to the multicultural effort showcased at the 2016 Canadian Tulip Festival, a model that should become the norm in Canadian policy and government endeavours.

6 Shocking Sociopolitical Messages you’ll Never Believe to Find in Zootopia

Who knew a Disney movie could bear such a deep political and sociocultural dimension? Who knew a movie for kids could be so educational, not only for kids but particularly for adults? Zootopia has proven to be more politically educative than a political lecture, particularly for family discussion.

Name-Blind Résumé: What happens if ever we meet face to face

This April, the Liberal Government announced a new recruiting pilot project that aims to ‘reduce unconscious bias’ and increase  minority job seekers’ chance to land a job. As a starter, 6 federal departments will take part in the ‘name-blind’ hiring process to test the effectiveness of such process. However, this initiative raises several disturbing questions!