A Life’s Secret: How Human Connections Lead to Real Success

Very often we are asking ourselves how different our life could have been if we had followed a different path. Every day we are questionning our decisions. What if, what if….

An author had had this call 16 years ago where he was at a path of his life when out of nothing a simple, normal gesture, an everyday decision had changed his life forever: opening the TV.

We never know where our path can lead us.

Life is a series of decision that we make every second of our lives. Even when we are not always aware of it, every decision we make affects our life and others’. Even simple gesture like drinking a glass of water. This is how Author Mitch Albom had had his life-changing experience.

“All the values that you aspire to in life. All the things you want to accomplish in your life, the lessons you want to teach other people in your life, the legacy you want to leave behind after you leave this Earth can all be done within the family that you create and continue to spread out to the rest of the world long after you’re gone.” – Mitch Albom (Source: Forbes)

In an interview with Forbes, The Moment That Changed Mitch Albom’s Life, Albom shared this wisdom that he had learnt from his late teacher, mentor, and friend, Morrie.

This is an interview full of insights into life itself, a refreshing note on human connection leading to real success.

Albom has raised questions that we ask ourselves everyday. He mentioned that he had seen his teacher on TV, talking about his own upcoming death and that’s how he got reconnected to this friend and mentor after 16 years. That is also how he got to honour a promise that he had not been keeping for 16 years.

If he hadn’t turned on the TV to this specific channel at this exact moment, what would have happened? However, he did and this simple gesture, this everyday choice had turned into a wonderful story, a famous book: Tuesdays With Morrie!

We often question ourselves about decisions we make or don’t make. If I had taken this road, what would have happened to me? If I hadn’t met this person, where would I be today? If I studied something different, if I went to college, if I went on that trip, if I chose a different career path…. So many ifs and we cannot help wonder if a decision or another would have neared us to nirvana.

The interview also offers an open window on life and death. For instance, our reluctance to talk about or to even consider that we are going to die one day. We prefer thinking that we are immortal and act like it, giving us good reasons to ignore others’ pain, others’ feelings.

We act as if we don’t care while inside of us we are so aware of this fact that we are always in a marathon, trying to win as much as we can before the fatal day.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of how much important opportunities we are missing on to be better human beings, to make time for our loved-ones, to make our passage on this Earth worthwhile. We are actually missing on opportunities that could have made us on a successful path, probably on the life path we secretly desire and deserve. We are often oblivious to the fact that helping others result in successful communities.

It is important that we truly ask ourselves how we would like to be remembered and act like it.

The greatest part of the interview is to find out that Morrie had been a teacher and a mentor to Albom even when he had been ignoring him. Morrie had passed on to Albom the greatest teaching of all: the wisdom of life, which is living through the next generation.

We are not immortal, we are here on this Earth right now for a reason. It’s a time to learn, then to teach what we have learnt, to pass on the wisdom to the next generation. It’s important to pay attention to our surrounding, to people next to us. It’s important to value each other. Most of all to confide our knowledge to the future generation. And Mitch believes that your own children is where to start. A family is where to start building the society of tomorrow.

This is not an easy job to learn to pay attention to and to value others as Mitch Albom had learnt himself. It is easier when you have someone, a mentor to teach you the way of life. Needless to say it is a difficult job when you don’t have someone around you can learn from. However, it is not impossible. Read the Forbes interview here for more insights.


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Katia Ulysse Saint Vil

Mom, Political Communication professional, blogger, I am nonetheless just someone who likes to think, dig, analyze things, and share her findings with the world. I am also a true believer in the "better-world" philosophy, so I am trying to do my part towards this end.

4 thoughts on “A Life’s Secret: How Human Connections Lead to Real Success

  1. What a great blog post! This touches our core as human beings because we’re always running against “the clock.” The daily choices we make—both big and small—affect our lives and those around us. It’s essential to appreciate the power that we each have when we make a choice. For instance, a woman sitting next to me on my morning commute on the NYC subway was crocheting and with every loop, she elbowed me: hard. I could have gotten upset. Instead, I said, “What are you crocheting?” When she looked at me she smiled widely and explained that she was rushing to make a gift her friend’s baby shower that weekend—a blanket. We chatted for a bit and before I got off at my stop I cheerfully told her to have a good day. What I found interesting about my interaction with her was that she stopped bumping me, although she was still crocheting the entire time we spoke. This is one small example of how people can exacerbate or ameliorate their circumstances on the basis of their choices. I choose to approach her kindly and, in turn, I believe that it changed the course of my day—our day—for the better.

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    1. Hi Jaimie, what a great story! Thank you for sharing. I think what you did definitely illustrates what I am trying to convey in this blog post. Our world would be a better place if more often we could act out of kindness, value others and therefore avoid unnecessary conflicts.

      Thanks again!

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    2. Jaimie,
      I will try this method, I admit that I would’ve went with my “an eye for an eye” motto, and start a bumping match…but your way is much calmer and a less stressful approach.

      On a serious note, I always ask myself when I depart from this plane, what would be my legacy? What will I be remembered for? Am I on the right path? Who knows…? WE all need to reconnect with each other….mail a letter to a long lost friend or family member, telephone, visit, forgive, hug and smile.. human contact is essential…

      I believe whatever path we take it will lead us to our destination as long as what we came here to experience has been fulfilled….so, in the meantime, enjoy the ride and create happy, loving and fun memories!

      Life is literally too short to worry the entire time… wondering what if…?

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      1. Hi Sara, you hit the right button:”We all need to reconnect with each other”. I have to say that since I read this interview I’ve felt the urge to suddenly reconnect with many old friends. I am also reviewing my life’s choices and goals.


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