Chasing sunset: At the crossroads between nature and #tech

It was so beautiful! And it stretched out right in front of us, all around us in an ephemeral vision of a dazzling November sunset. Completely out of this world. We all know that it was there for only minutes, maybe seconds. 

Autumnal Sunset

Was it the beauty of the scene? Was it the short-lived effect? Or simply our new way of life? I don’t know. However, just like many around me I felt compelled to capture the scene on my cellphone as a way to experience it again, or maybe to make it live a little longer. To create memories.

I then ran and shot, ran and shot, following the movement of the pastel colors in the sky, afraid of missing a single shade, a slight change of colors. Doing so, me and other nature-lovers or just photo-whiz pass by other people, other scenes in the streets without seeing them. The only focus was taking the shot. Oh! Lord! Did that feel great! The adrenaline, the fight against oneself and against nature to capture everything while challenging the rapid changes in the sky.

Many argue that today we don’t experience nature anymore, that we are completely disconnected from the nature and from our own nature.

  • Could it be that by photographing beautiful scenery we miss the essence of the real beauty of nature?
  • Could it be that by focusing on our desire to create long-lasting memories we actually miss out on something important?

Again I am not sure of the answer. Nonetheless, I know one thing I like capturing awesome moments and share with the world.

Is it part of the human transition towards something more technological, more machine-like? Are we becoming cyborg?

  • What does that say about our relationship to our devices, namely to our cellphones?
  •  How much space do these devices take in our lives?

20161116_165701Those are questions each and everyone us should ask ourselves. Maybe it’s up to each individual to decide whether this shift from our inner-self to the greater outer-self is a good thing or not. However, we should also think of the impact such changes can have on our community.

Published by

Katia Ulysse Saint Vil

Mom, Political Communication professional, blogger, I am nonetheless just someone who likes to think, dig, analyze things, and share her findings with the world. I am also a true believer in the "better-world" philosophy, so I am trying to do my part towards this end.

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