“It takes a village to raise a child”: New perspective on mom’s social essence

Mother's Day Featured image
Happy Mother’s Day!!! Let’s recognize all moms’ contributions.

While celebrating Mother’s Day this year, we think it is important to shine the light on these women’s contributions to society. It’s important to remember that there are no tiny contributions as every mom, poor or rich, working mom or stay-at-home mom, educated or illiterate mom, is essential to their child or children’s development and well-being.

However, every mom’s experience is different and the way they raise their children depends on their personal values, their life conception, their surroundings, and most of all their upbringing, values they received from their own parents.

All these factors are usually included into a mom’s steps to raising healthy and happy children. For some moms it’s about waking up early in the morning to make sure everything is ready to get their children on the go and go to bed very late to oversee their children’s next day. For other moms, it’s about forgetting their own fatigue after a long day at work to take care of a boo-boo or listen to their teen’s whose heart has been broken by a first love.

Being a mom can be about being a single parent who works to pay bills, take care of the household and do chores, and still find time for school works to find a better job, so their kids will have a better life. Being a mom can also mean declining this lifetime opportunity job to spend quality time with your children.

In short, motherhood is about sacrifices, putting your kids before your own needs, learning to be patient so you can teach patience to your kids, accepting that your kids can develop their own personality, and learning to let them break free to do their own mistakes even if it’s breaking your heart. Ultimately motherhood is about loving your children no matter what because you’re a mom forever.

Unfortunately, our societies do not fully understand how essential such love is in a kid’s journey to become an adult, a loving and compassionate citizen. This May, it’s time to recognize that mom’s selfless acts and love are key factors in raising the adults of tomorrow, the members of society.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we invite several moms to share with the world their experience as a mom and their personal meaning of motherhood. These women also have some good advice about raising great children, advice they would pass along to their children if they become grand-ma one day.

Time to meet these amazing moms!


Belise Ndayi

Belise Pic
“I love being a mom, but it’s not always easy and fun”. – Belise Nday

Being a mom means everything to me. I love being a mom, but it’s not always easy and fun. Sometimes, being a mom of three amazing boys, things can get crazy and I have to show them how to behave, guide them through the path to become good people as they are growing up.

Belise and her son
Belise and her son

For me raising healthy and happy kids is about listening when they have something to say and have an honest conversation. My kids love that. I also play with them whenever I can, and try to introduce a balanced diet, which I think is very important.

If my children start developing traits of character that may be against my values I would try to listen to their point of view, to what they believe would be better for them. It would not be easy but I think with a lot of communications and patience, we could come to an understanding.


Motherhood in image

Finally, if I become a grand-ma one day, I will give a chance to my children to raise their kids the way they want, but if they have any question, I would be glad to help them.

Heidi Fish 

Heidi, Ottawa Mom - Ottawa Pic
“Focus on the positive behaviours and personalities of the children”. – Heidi Fish

Being a mom means waking up every morning and making you breakfast. Being a mom means getting you ready for school. Being a mom means cleaning your room. Being a mom means putting a band-aid on your bo-bos. Being a mom means teaching you between right and wrong. And I wouldn’t change a minute of being a mom.

Heidi, Ottawa Mom - VO Edited PicAn important factor of raising good healthy children is putting them first. Being patient after a long day of work. Knowing how to feel when they feel it. Making sure our children understand repercussions of their actions.

I feel like a failure when my child goes against our morals & values’. Things can be learned through other children. Sometimes they don’t always listen to us, but when they do, you need to remind yourself that the message you’ve been trying to get through to them actually worked. Then you feel successful. Focus on the positive behaviours and personalities of the children.


Motherhood in image

The advice I would give my children is keep reminding yourself….patience, patience, be patient. Children have no sense of time. When things get tough, take a deep breath. Perhaps a time out. Children can be challenging, but if you get to their level, they can definitely teach you a thing or two.

Lucette Gabrielle Joseph

Lucette, Florida Mom - VO Pic
“They are meant to soar and will most definitely fall short along the way, but I will always be there for them (I’m looking forward to it).” – Lucette G. Joseph

Being a mother makes you realize you can do almost anything. I’m proud of many things in my life but nothing compares to being a mother. Being a mother is the highest paying job in the world since the payment is in pure love. For sure, being a mother is doing the work of twenty for free, but I love it.

Lucette and her children
Mom and children

As a mother I feel that one of the most important factors in raising a child is to assure them that they were conceived with love and will always be loved unconditionally. Other factors include raising my babies in a safe carefree and nurturing environment.

Yes they are my children but they also an individuals. As a parent I do my very best to guide, nurture and instill in them independence and good life values. They were meant to soar and will most definitely fall short along the way, but I will always be there for them (I’m looking forward to it).


Motherhood in image

You must be a great role model for your children because you are their first contact with the world. Never say goodbye to them without saying I love you. Show them the path to heaven so that when they are older they do not become lost. Always teach them the world of God and and let them know how much they mean to you. Always pray for their protection.


Rachel Frédérique Bruno

Rachel moms pic4
“You cannot do it alone because it takes a village to raise a happy and healthy kid”. – Rachel Frédérique Bruno

Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding job that exists.  Personally it teaches patience and self-control.  It also allows me to have more empathy.  A toddler having a tantrum in public can be quite challenging and demands a lot of control from the parent to remain calm.   A “I love you mom” can be the sweetest music in your ears and can bring you a lot of joy.   I am a young mom and I am still in the learning process, but so far, I am enjoying it.

To me the most important factors in raising healthy and happy children are:                          

Generations of moms
Generations of moms

Unconditional love.  I love you no matter what.  For example, when my daughter do something that I am not happy with, I tell her, I don’t like what you just did, but I love you.  If she is mad and said I hate you or I am not your friend, I reply, that’s fine, but me, I love you.  I always try to show her, even when I mad at her, that I love her.  It’s a way of saying to her that no matter what, I will be there for you.

Boundaries. Kids need to be guided.  Otherwise they lose it.  One of your roles as a parent is to provide those boundaries gently but firmly. A “NO” should be one. You don’t have to be loud or scream, you just have to be firm.

Each action comes with a consequence.  For instance the other day my daughter wanted some chocolate cake. I told her after lunch you can have some.  She went straight to the fridge, took it and went upstairs to eat it.  I saw her and said well, what a bummer I guess no more dessert for you today. She cried, said she was sorry, I told her I understand but she will have another piece of cake tomorrow.  The next day, she waited after lunch before asking for a piece of cake.

Making choices. When you do it at an early age, it will reinforce their confidence later on.

Making mistakes. It’s ok to make them, this is how you learn.

Spirituality. Allow you to stay connected and grounded.

I am not too far in the journey yet but my daughter is a strong will kid.  It is not easy to deal with her every day because she has a mind of her own.  At 4, she is already very independent.  She wants to do things her way.  The way I see it is as long as what she wants to do isn’t harmful to her, it is ok.  But as soon as the boundaries are not respected, I have to intervene.  As a kid, you are under the responsibility of your parents.  And it is my duty to insure that you are ok physically, emotionally, spiritually.


Motherhood in image

If one day I become a grand-mother the advice I would give my daughter about parenting is to love unconditionally, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes as a parent because none of us is perfect.  And ask for help when needed. You cannot do it alone; because it takes a village to raise a happy and healthy kid.


Sara Lazare

Sara Lazare, New York mom - VO Pic1
“I feel it’s best to try and expose your child(ren) to as many things as possible, so as adults they may be able to deal with whatever life throws their way”. – Sara Lazare

Being a mom to me is not just about birthing a child, it’s about unconditional love for all children. Providing few basic needs for their self-esteem, happiness and growth; love, healthy food, fresh air, shelter, music, travels and the arts. Hugs, laughter and kisses are mandatory! I feel it’s best to try and expose your child(ren) to as many things as possible, so as adults they may be able to deal with whatever life throws their way.

Sara Lazare12Sometimes I feel upset, bringing up my own childhood practices, habits and traditions, which are different from my children’s. For example, overnight play dates, week-long camping, yelling inside the home, talking over grown-ups… Therefore, I do encourage independence and allow my children to ask questions regarding anything they may have on their minds. They already have their own personalities. I can’t live through them, but I take the time to explain what I do expect of them until they reach the age of reasoning.

They have had enough of “when I was your age…” comments.


Motherhood in image

Although my boys said they want to be with me forever, I know one day I may be a grand-ma and I would tell them to do the best they can. “As it takes a Village” to raise a child, it’s important to give children freedom to express themselves, be comfortable talking with them, be non-judgmental as my mom was with me…

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  1. What an amazing way to celebrate all moms! I loved this post; my childhood and the woman that I’ve become has been shaped by the phenomenal woman that my mother is. Great post! I love your blog — it’s so insightful. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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