Why being unique is a myth

Always remember that you are absolutely unique just like everyone else”- Margaret Mead

”No matter what part of the world we come from, we are all basically the same human beings”The Dalai Lama

So what! I am just going on the internet and drop in all my feelings!

Like I am going to put myself out there for others to judge as if I was what, some kind of merchandise for people to assess and put a price on. But this is just the thing; I am not merchandise, nor some kind of products for profit. My only price is what I decide that I’m worth and there is no monetary value for that. I am proud of myself just the way I am. Here, I say it! I am very proud of myself, and picture this! I am stretching my short neck as proud as a peacock.

Recently, I came across an interesting piece of writing on the internet that made me think long and hard and later on rethink my whole existence. I have to say the more I was reading the more I felt some deep feelings of pride. I was like yeah you tell them sister for I like to think that I am a unique character who can easily decide of her path in life.

But who I am kidding? This is 2016 for heaven’s sake. The 21st century! We are all products of this fabulous world system we live in. As much as I want to believe that I can find a different way, I am well aware that there is no getting out of the ugly truth. You know, from time to time I like to fool myself. It gives me the feeling that I am my own boss. Who does not like to think that they are unique and nobody’s puppet? Well, the latter is probably true. We may be no one’s puppet, but somehow we are all the puppet of this amazing spider web we call SOCIETY.

We all go to school, right. And we are so proud to be educated. I know I am! And isn’t it the honest way to find a good job, feed and shelter ourselves, and gather all these possessions that we like to show off? Some of us go to church, or get married and settle with a family. How enjoyable it is to play different sports, or to conform to a certain type of beauty standard!

No matter what part of the world we come from, we are all basically the same human beings” (The Dalai Lama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech).

Well, how unique are we really? Is our uniqueness based on race, sexual orientation, our taste in music, the way we dress, our education, our religion, or our beliefs? Nonsense. Whatever social, financial, cultural, or political groups we belong to we all have to follow society’s rules in some way. 

We just have to remember ourselves while growing up. How many phases does each and every one of us go through? And it all led us to the same path: becoming a citizen who to some extent meet social standards. We are either a perfect mainstream product or an outcast, but we are all designed to meet society’s needs. So, why lying to ourselves!

  • A Product’s Life

As products, we can either survive or stagnate and die. How do you make a product survive? Well, by designing a great marketing plan and successfully pitching it to potential buyers. Most of us are job seekers or self-employers. To survive we have to play the social game, so I have every day to put myself out there:

  • for others to judge and put a price on
  • for employers to offer salaries
  • for peers and clients to provide critics and appreciation
  • for family members to give objection, suggestion, and support
  • for love and friendship to find me

This is a game we are all meant to play and some of us are better than others at acting. However, we are all good players because we were born players. Our parents gladly introduced us to the competition by sending us to school to get better education, by letting us play with other kids to teach us social attitudes, or by trying to instill into our mind their own social values, so we will be on top of our game.

Later on, we gladly agree to go on with the tournament by consciously choosing to be good at school, or at sports, or by choosing other extra curriculum activities, or by learning our own way through life. The funny part is we all come to a moment where we swear that we are different from our parents’ generation. We have a better and innovative way of dealing with things. We strongly believe that our life’s philosophy is way better. It has to be true because we are the techno generation.

  • The greatest generation of all time

Of course, the 21st century has seen so many changes. No wonder innovation is our new mantra. And, we sure have good reasons to be proud of ourselves, aren’t we? The world has come such a long way since the cave men and women. Our ancestors invented electricity, telephone, railway, and several other great inventions. However, we came up with the greatest technologies of all time and our list of wonders is long:

  • The greatest universities (online education as a great example)
  • Computer (by the way I am typing right now using my computer, no more time for the good old paper and pen)
  • Internet (Websites, blogs: I am writing one right now)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Cellphone (It’s a way of life)

Now, the question is if as human beings we have evolved, we have really changed. Are we smarter, kinder, and collectively wealthier? Has our health really improved? How much different are we from the past generations?

The answers to all these questions are quite obvious. No need to dwell on them. It is clear that the world is moving and we remain quite the same. Yes, same old gamers trying to win the game. Deep down we are not that unique, but quite the same; not only from our contemporary human beings but from the cave men and women.

So much for my pride and my so-called uniqueness! Well, I am not different from any of you. In fact, I am just like you. The ugly truth is I am everyone and anyone.

  • Just like everyone, I sell myself, specifically my competences for jobs, for money, for shelter, for power.
  • Just like everyone I went to school, dress according to society’s standards, eat and exercise to stay healthy, and avoid as much as I can breaking the law or do my best not to get caught.
  • Just like everyone I fight for the right to get a piece of the cake, for the right to get heard, for my place in the world.

Tell us what you think about being unique.

Published by

Katia Ulysse Saint Vil

Mom, Political Communication professional, blogger, I am nonetheless just someone who likes to think, dig, analyze things, and share her findings with the world. I am also a true believer in the "better-world" philosophy, so I am trying to do my part towards this end.

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